Version 0.8.2 Build 139
  • Fixed cddb list index out of bounds error
  • Fixed AV on renaming
  • Fixed startup problem if user is no admin under nt/win2k

Version 0.8.2 Build 138
  • Fixed many checkboxes in Preferences were not saved
  • Fixed the examples/preview on Rename action-tag>name-and expressions did not/not correctly work if no extensions were shown in filelist
  • Fixed Translation on many items

Version 0.8.2 Build 137
  • Fixed Version Check will paste some Html Stuff in the Fileinfo section
  • Fixed if no extension are shown, the readtag and fileinfo did not work!
  • Fixed on first start still no files were shown
  • Added "force showing extension" to View Menu

Version 0.8.2 Build 136 (Fixed Release Build)
  • Fixed rename to uppercase first letter of sentence
  • Fixed if "show known file extensions" is turned of renatager does not really work anymore
  • Fixed recursiv should work again (well i hate this feature ;))
  • Fixed mask *.* did not show files without any extension
  • Changed Regexpr unit, so perlre.dll is no longer needed
  • Added rename files by a sfv file
  • Fixed "error creating registry key" on every winNT/2k renatager-startup
  • Fixed renaming a dir in tree/folder view does not change the listview
  • Fixed renaming wave files by cddb will no longer cause in renaming them into *.mp3
  • Fixed on tric's expression if only entered something in the old expression boxes or in the new rename-action-box, nothing happend
  • Fixed the examples were shown with an underlined character after an '&'
  • Added Command-Line Option "-L <file.rlp>" to enforce a special Language used

Version 0.8.2 Build 135 (release Build)

    Version 0.8.2 Build 134
    • Added new Component for filelist, so network neighbourhood etc no should work
    • Fixed Recursiv did not work anymore, do not know why, but i redisigned it a bit and know it works ;)
    • Fixed AV's in writing tags
    • Added mark Joliet inkompatible with color
    • Fixed Wrong tagging some files if files were not selected at cddb->name(tag)
    • Fixed Found Tag was not shown in file-info-box
    • Fixed if "from" and "to" is empty both were handled as '%a' is entered so the rename actions still work
    • Fixed Favorits-Add did not really add the current dir, now it adds but also shows organize dialog
    • Added Reg Expressions to rename actions in trics expression ("regexp")
    • Fixed Directorys were crippled on trics expressions
    • Added actual dir is proposed filename on saving Playlist
    • Added You can add complete Playlist (*.m3u) in listview
    • Fixed in Name->tag the tail after the last % was inserted into the var so (%V) and "(TEXT)" _was_ %V=TEXT), now its %V=TEXT
    • Fixed Range Check Error writeing Playlist an filelist is empty
    • Fixed Show dirs in Preview wasn't cleared
    • Added Tag->Name finally supports directory creating
    • Added in Tag->Name you can now save and load your strings

    Version 0.8.1 Build 133 (release Build)

      Version 0.8.1 Build 132
      • Fixed dirs moved to top on left site and keystrokes did not work in 0.8.1
      • Fixed only first "preset" showed in listing on tric's expression
      • Fixed "extension" was cut on Name->Tag when handling directorys
      • Added Rename Actions to tric's expressions (read readme.txt for a short help)
      • Fixed some bugs on sync left and right pane
      • Fixed some small "no integer" etc Bug (oh i really used renatager again, so i found those bugs ;))
      • Added also mp3s/waves not with *.mp3 are recognized

      Version 0.8.1 Build 131
      • Fixed Favorits jump did not work
      • Fixed Hidden folders won't be shown in left foldertree
      • Added fast Tagging to Name->Tag
      • Fixed a bug handling dirs on Name->Tag
      • Added uninstall.exe to remove contextmenu entry and files, also renatager now adds uninstall information to registry
      • Added force old tag fields if locked
      • Added "%old" var to Filename-Format, so the old tag is used
      • Fixed the internal filelists are now sorted before renaming
      • Fixed correct refresh after renaming selected dir should work again
      • Fixed List-Style is now working again (you couldn't add files the last version(s))
      • Fixed Artist<->Song renaming now works fine on directories
      • Added RIFF WAVE PCM to naming from cddb/freedb and the stats of the waves are shown
      • Fixed Errors on insert "" between parts
      • Added Poperties Sheet to Alt+Enter to TreeView
      • Added direct cddb id request
      • Fixed some cddb/freedb errors, mainly for the http requests
      • Fixed on tric's expressions: if more vars then possible no longer the last var will have the string... (don't know how to explain it, its just a cool fix ;) )
      • Added Listbox to Trics exprressions to enable a fast select of saved expressions
      • Fixed dir1 in Name->Tag with Presets now really works
      • Changed the complete handling of favorits
      • Added OEM version ;) (try renatager-oem.jpg if you like specials)
      • Added Lyrics3v2 Tag window and rewritten real tag writing a bit.
      • Fixed whem Tag fields locked they were not updated.

      Version 0.8.0 Build 130 (release Build fix)
      • Fixed Range Check error on Name->Tag with user written rules :(

      Version 0.8.0 Build 129 (release Build)

        Version 0.8.0 Build 128
        • updated Language files (and remove a bug on reading it)
        • fixed Favorits are now saved
        • Added ID3v2 Tag should be recognized (but only this!)
        • Rewritten the About|Info text
        • Fixed Bug on Tag->Name and recursiv, counted number will now be reset on new directory
        • Changed on cddb naming only mp3 files will be selected if no files selected
        • Fixed Bug on Name->Tag fields may have a "space" infront
        • Fixed Bug Tag Editboxen were not cleard if file with no tag selected
        • Added you now can choose if first or every match should be renamed in rename Actions on the top right
        • Fixed some errors on the new open/save dialog boxes
        • Fixed some errors again on language files
        • Added invert of selection to Edit menu (or ctrl+i)
        • Fixed Coloums Width etc are now saved for filelist

        Version 0.7.3 Build 127 (pre 0.8.0!)
        • Redesigned handling of old Tag on tagging etc. Hopefully it is more clear now... (only if locked original won't be overwritten!)
        • Fixed a Bug so Program Hangs on reading invalid Lyricstag
        • Fixed old Bug/Error on writing tag after cddb renaming
        • Fixed Bug/Av on restarting cddb get
        • Added Copy-to-after-rename-dir
        • Fixed some cddb errors
        • Added cddb dump log
        • Added Favorit-Folders List
        • Fixed double click in preview causes AV
        • Added history window to help menu
        • Fixed Range check error on cddb renaming sometimes occours
        • Changed Preview will always be shown on cddb renaming!
        • Added rename of new filename in preview (f2 or kontex-menu)
        • Changed the f...... Delphi open/save-Dialog Boxes to the standart windows ones
        • Changed cddb tagging will now be done directly (was done by reading the new filename before)
        • Added http://www.freedb.org support (hopefully the upcoming cddb.com replacement!)
        • Fixed Range Check error on cut groupname and short filenames
        • Fixed "funny" bug rekusirve had some problems on short dirnames (so home dir was set to rename)
        • Fixed bug: rekursive did not found anymore any dirs after "entering" first dir
        • Added Progressbar to show progress in filling the preview dialog (on some gigs of files it could need 2 mins to fill it :( )
        • Added "make Joliet conpatible" to Tools menu
        • Changed FileBrowser Components
        • Changed and Added Name->Tag don't depends anymore on my filename "rules" (see options!)

        Version 0.7.3 Build 123-126
        • internal builds (see changes above)

        Version 0.7.2 Build 122 (public)
        • Fixed Bugs in handling Lyric Tags
        • Fixed AV when an invalid entry was found in a language file
        • Fixed Bug in Tric's expression so last character after a "%" part is now added

        Version 0.7.2 Build 121 (hotfix)
        • Added Saving/Loading of Tric's Expressions
        • Change Splashscreen/About Image
        • Change again Treeview (leftpanel) so drag&drop is back
        • Fixed Bug in renaming "spaces to underlines etc"
        • Fixed Bug some options were not really saved
        • Fixed Bug, AV's when Splashscreen not shown
        • Fixed Bug, check to new COMCTL32.DLL was wrong
        • Removed Displaying of allfilesize and selectedfilesize, cause of overflows
        • Some Bugfixes with Lyrics3 Tags writing
        • Automatic conversion from Lyrics3v1 to Lyrics3v2
        • Added Lyrics3 Tag writing in TAG->NAME
        • Added Lyrics3 Preview in FILE->TAG
        • Removed 'Change all selected' checkbox

        Version 0.7.2 Build 120 (public)
        • Fixed some Bugs in showing Splashscreen
        • Added writing Lyricsv2 Tag
        • Changed Checkboxes on Tagnaming to dropdownbuttons

        Version 0.7.2 Build 119 (private)
        • Added totally new translating of all strings (was removed in Build 117)
        • Added Splashscreen
        • Fixed not selecting all files on preview sometimes
        • Fixed bug when renaming files AND Folder/directories in Tag->Name, Out of bounds occurs (thx to _SiNnEr_)
        • Fixed bug on renaming if filename will be the same
        • Fixed directory is finally set to the new one on renaming

        Version 0.7.2 Build 118 (private)
        • Changed Directory List Component (left pane) so all System files (Computer, network etc) are displayed (sorry but drag'n'drop is missing now)
        • Fixed Problems while renaming Directorys under win2k
        • Added Shortcut CTRL-A to select all files ;)
        • Fixed Problem while renaming dirs with new component (only on this build)
        • Fixed "Bug" if selected dir is renamed the selction was set to other and not new named dir (kind of nerving)
        • Fixed Bugs on "remove Groupname"
        • Added first support of Lyricsv2 Tags (showing long songnames etc and showing lyrics tag)

        Version 0.7.1 Build 117 (public)
        • -Added "remove Groupname"-Function to renaming tab
        • -Disabled Language support for this version (sorry non german guys)
        • -Fixed Bug on Find-Tag genre was always set to none

        Version 0.7.1 Build 116 (private)
        • -Added showing if a file is containing a Lyrics3 Tag
        • -Fixed showing again status infos in stausbar :=) (thx to Savage)
        • -Fixed Capitalletters type, and delete or insert chars were not Saved. (thx to dawolf)
        • -Fixed Range Check error if renaming a dir throught cddb and writing "ID3Tag direct" is checked (thx to Savage)
        • -Fixed showing Menubar kind a wrong under nt4/win2k
        • -Removed gradient Titlebar, so win2k show it gradient and no bugs with windowblinds etc hopefully
        • -Removed "Online-help" Menuitem and Button, cause it has still no function

        Version 0.7.0 Build 115 (private)
        • -Added/Fixed reading "tag info only" field ist not checked!
        • -Fixed wrong Icon shown for network drives
        • -Fixed some German in English version and some spellings!
        • -Fixed Help Icon used for wrong function ;)

        Version 0.7.0 Build 114 (private)
        • Fixed some crashes in Regular expression (thx to SsAaTtAan)
        • Fixed "(" and "[" will now be ignored on upper/lowercase renaming
        • Added rename and read from cddb file format to "file -> name"
        • Fixed English spelling and updated language files German&English
        • Added using Name-Format-Preferences for "Change Artist<->Song"

        Version 0.7.0 Build 113 (Version 0.7!!! ;)) ("alpha")
        • Added regular expressions!
        • Added combobox for comments on tag, so you can define and select standarts
        • Added/changed option to if >1 files are selected only same tag propertys are shown
        • Added/Fixed genre Fast-Fusion , so many tags-genres will now be written correct!
        • Fixed some Bugs in Explorer-Style view (THX to Ingo Eckelt for his Big support!)
        • Fixed Access Vialoation if a ir is empty (or the filemask does not fit)
        • Totally rewritten Online- and Version-Check.
        • Realized program hangs sometimes on getting icons!?

        Version 0.6.1 Build 112 (Version 0.7???) (private)
        • Fixed bad handling of genres in write/create tags!
        • Added support for VBR files!
        • Added different view style (list-style), which is seperated from file system!

        Version 0.6.1 Build 111
        • Added Name-Format to Options for cddb-renaming, planned to use this also in other cases
        • Fixed Runtime error under W95b+c on startup (was error in testing for connection for version checking)
        • Fixed Log file entries also written if preview canceled, so log files were corrupt, PLEASE DELETE OLD ONES!!!!
        • Changed Handling of empty fields in Name->Tag
        • Fixed if no genre was selected #00 was written (Genre Blues :( ), now #FF is written according to specs!
        • Fixed Memory leck on renaming with cddb
        • Changed handling of "run only one instance", no "old" task gets to front an parameters are send!
        • Fixed some display probs running under big WinXX fonts. (hopefully final fix!)
        • Changed in preferences and about dialog now always first tab is shown, not the last what was shown!
        • Added Shortcuts on Preferences dialog and to actions!

        Version 0.6.1 Build 110
        • Added direct tagging on renaming from cddb
        • Added possibility to create a report of the actual dir and his subdirs
        • Moved getversioninfo to its own thread
        • Added http with proxy support for cddb request

        Version 0.6.1 Build 109 (private)
        • Fixed Kernel Error if no directory selected but rekursive checked
        • Fixed Access Vialoation under WIN NT4 on program-init
        • Fixed No Icon is shown if special explorer-icon-handlers like mp3 property exp. are installed
        • Added drag&drop image is shown
        • Hopefully fixed sometimes files of a dir aren't shown if dir selected by a dblclick
        • Fixed invalid filenames could be "created"
        • Added online version checking
        • Fixed access violation when clearing tag on multible files
        • Added if no files on cddb select all _files_ will be selected

        Version 0.6.1 Build 108 ("CP-Build")
        • moved "rename from file" and "rename from cddb" from menu and toolbar to new tab "cddb/file -> Name"
        • added option to check cd for cddbid and get this, _instead_ of the calculated cddbid from the mp3's
        • added option howmany undolist entry should be shown in undomenu, but to see all new form added!

        Version 0.6.0 Build 107
        • small bugfixes (forgot to write to history.txt)
        • Fixed wrong language file saving
        • Added cddb support for mp3's ONLY

        Version 0.5.2 Build 104
        • Fixed directory is shown twice in directorylist if only the capital letters are changed <-- now its really fixed
        • Internal Handling of the filelist on actions totally changed.
        • Error message dialog modified on file renaming, so the files and errorcodes are shown
        • Added runtime preview on ALL renaming actions (sometimes called example :-) )
        • Fixed language packs were wrong!
        • Added full preview dialog before every renaming.
        • Added Option if preview should be shown
        • Added renaming action, insert something before any capital letter
        • Added easy language selection in properties
        • Deleted menu item select language, cause of the new property item
        • Added detection if no language file is selected on startup, and the windows language is not german, "english.rlp" is run.

        Version 0.5.1 Build 103 since Build 100
        • many small bugfixes
        • Added "Watch for Write Protection, so it does not Tag a file if it is write protected
        • Added Possibility to register the renatager to mp3 files and folders
        • Fixed in all renaming detection of directorys, after the last fix, some functions did not work
        • Reinit of form removed from onshow to oncreate
        • Fixed in w95 the menubar doesn't show all buttons
        • Fixed dblclick on directory opens explorer, now the dir is opened
        • Fixed AV on moving Column-Headers in filelist
        • The Program is now diplaying in the center on first start
        • Now it works with w95/98 large Font (i.e. the buttons were not shown)
        • Added Option Office97 Menu and Button Sytle to disable (under W95 without IE4 there wehere some display Problems)
        • Button images are drawn transperantly
        • Added option to run program only once
        • Fixed on "renaming actions" every file will be now renamed at all only once, and not anymore for every action once.
        • Added expanding numbers to rename actions
        • Hopefully Fixed on special W95 machines on file display a mass of floating point errors
        • Fixed directory is shown twice in directorylist if only the capital letters are changed